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Stress prevention and management

Workplace stress is an extensive problem worldwide. Globalisation, fast-changing advances in IT, economic crises and the COVID-19 pandemic, amongst other factors, have led to radical changes in workplaces and working practices. Challenging situations for both employees and organisations have increasingly become part of daily life. In the workplace, studies indicate that stress may negatively impact personal relations, lower engagement, productivity and quality of work and long-term chronic stress has a negative impact on health.

The Stress Prevention / Stress Management workshop aims to explore what stress is, raise awareness of how we react when under stress, and to help put in place some tools and strategpositive reframing aced with challenging situations. 

By way of training slides, practical exercises and discussion, this workshop looks at the difference between pressure and stress, at the physiology of the stress response, explores positive reframing(‘unhelpful’ and ‘helpful’ thinking), looks at how we may use imagery techniques to help reduce stress, and how resilience skills may help us deal with changes and challenges in the workplace. Along with a brief introduction to mindfulness, the workshop also explores identifying our character strengths and looks at how these may be used to help us face challenges (using our strengths may also help act as a buffer against stress).

Full day course
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