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Applying Positive Psychology in the workplace

You may have heard about Positive Psychology, or seen articles in magazines or on the Internet, but may be unsure or curious about what it entails. Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology that began to evolve in the 1990s, and aims to help individuals, groups and communities to flourish and grow. Its theories, which are based on sound empirical research, are now applied widely in many settings including the workplace, business, education, healthcare, and the military.

In the workplace, Positive Psychology may be applied in many ways, including to help build positive teams, to build resilience and lower stress, to enable individuals to discover and use their character strengths (using our strengths can not only help promote wellbeing but may also help act as a buffer against stress), and to explore a range of additional concepts such as optimism, hope and gratitude, with a view to building strong working relationships, improving the work environment and enhancing wellbeing.

The workshop explores the above through training slides, practical exercises and discussion.

During the workshop, participants will also be introduced to a variety of Positive Psychology Interventions, which also aim to help increase wellbeing.

A brief introduction to mindfulness is also included in the programme.

Full-day course
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