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I view coaching rather like a journey. We begin at a certain point, may or may not have an idea of exactly what we would like to achieve (the 'destination'), and indeed may or may not have a clear vision or road map of how we would like to get there. We may experience a whole range of emotions at the prospect of the journey ahead.

As a coach, rather than maps and guidebooks, my 'tools' for the journey are comprised of other ‘equipment’ such as coaching processes and models, along with a choice of aids such as picture cards and images, story boards, thought showers, letters from the future, mind maps, Positive Psychology Interventions and many more, tailor-made to suit each situation and client.

I propose individual coaching in the workplace using diverse perspectives including cognitive behavioural, solution-focused and Positive Psychology coaching on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, stress management and prevention, performance coaching, and wellbeing.

Coaching is suitable for employees of all levels.

Duration to be defined on an individual basis
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